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May 4, 2014 9:00am PDT
solutions to problems. hillary clinton has taken responsibility. barack obama has taken responsibility to beef up security. four americans have died. what are the republicans trying to do in trying to relitigate this? that's -- ben rhodes' memo, because i see why house talking points -- i see white house talking points from time to time, i admit that, too. it was 20 paragraphs, two sentences, stuff that the cia told him to put in. i don't understand what the big fuss is, they want to fight it let's fight it and keep fighting something else. >> the big fuss for the republicans, all this time, the ones who said it was not involved in developing those talking points and not about covering up a failure of policy. look, what's done is done. the politics of this, in the midst of an election, not going to undo the election results, if politics was blade something involving national security and the lives and deaths of four americans, yes, it is worth getting to the bottom of. >> the senate committee didn't get to the bottom of it? >> that's the point of this memo. this memo was
Apr 27, 2014 9:00am PDT
joining us. hilly clinton out and about, doing speeches, most recently to a methodist church the south talking about her religion. of course raised methodist. talking about -- >> as we heard in the open or in the tease, how men when 60, they've been in the rat race so long, they're tired, want to play golf but women are raring to go. so these are all parse d i'm thinking i'd want a nap but okay. everything she says is parsed like, isn't this interesting? she's saying women have a lot to contribute to society and women over 60 this and that. i get the feeling that she's messing with us. >> seem likes she's having a lot of fun, right? she's not shying away interest moments that she knows we're going to parse. i mean she knows we're going to pick apart every single thing she says. and whether she's made up her mind or not, is anyone's guess, but she certainly seems to be having fun in the process, leading us down she's sort of rabbit holes. >> smart politics. >> why wouldn't you have fun with this the most fun place to be in politics. everybody hanging on your every word. you're not
Apr 27, 2014 6:00am PDT
signals coming from him? is he going to put it on the floor? hillary clinton who is out and about this week talking about religion and how women are better when they are older than men who are retired, and i get the feeling she's playing with us. >> i have written about them both and will many times. i find boehner to be maybe the most interesting politician to watch. do you remember, candy, the old "saturday night live" they did a sketch called one-man demons. he would hear these voices saying, take a pottery class. i feel like this is boehner. he's got these voices s saying appease the right, don't appease the right. i think he's really torn. he got the debt ceiling done with democratic votes. he could get immigration done with democratic votes. his thing is he's always had to choose, is it the legislation? that frustration coming out and the inability to pick a path and stick with it. >> i think it's interesting, the idea that boehner is not being a strong leader when he's sometimes critical of the president of not being a strong leader. when you look at what happened in 2012,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)